Remington - R3 Mastiffs

Remington - CollinsWall R3 Both Barrels Loaded

Remington is from the breeding of Roper to CollinsWall's Treasure. He is co-owned with Tim Collins and Nico Tomocelli

Remington G1 Gig Harbor KC Remington G1 Puyallup Valley DF Remington

Remington's Pedigree


  • RWD Olympic KC
  • BOW twice MRWDC (majors)
  • RWD Sammaish KC
  • WD Portland KC
  • RWD Portland KC
  • G1 BPUP Gig Harbor KC
  • BOB BPUP Gig Harbor KC
  • G1 BPUP Puyallup Valley DF
  • BOB BPUP Puyallup Valley DF
  • Born January 16, 2021