Remington - R3 Mastiffs

Remington - GCH CollinsWall R3 Both Barrels Loaded

Remington earned his Grand Champion at 20 months old

Remington earned Champion at 8 months old!

Remington is from the breeding of Roper to CollinsWall's Treasure. He is co-owned with Tim Collins and Nico Tomocelli

Remington New GCH Remington BOB Puyallup Valley Remington New CH Remington BOW Remington BOW Remington G1 Gig Harbor KC Remington G1 Puyallup Valley DF Remington

Remington's Pedigree

Remington's OFAs


  • AKC Grand Champion
  • BOB twice Timberland Valley DFA
  • BOB Puyallup Valley DF
  • 3rd 15-18 months MCOA Sweeps
  • 3rd 15-19 months MCOA Futurity
  • 3rd 15-19 months MMF Sweeps


  • AKC Champion
  • BOW Richland KC
  • WD Richland KC
  • BOW twice Walla Walla KC
  • RWD Olympic KC
  • BOW twice MRWDC (majors)
  • RWD Sammaish KC
  • WD Portland KC
  • RWD Portland KC
  • G1 BPUP Gig Harbor KC
  • BOB BPUP Gig Harbor KC
  • G1 BPUP Puyallup Valley DF
  • BOB BPUP Puyallup Valley DF
  • Born January 16, 2021