Hitch - R3 Mastiffs

Hitch - AOM GCHB R3 Two Wraps And A Hooey

Bronze Grand Champion at 26 months old

Best in Senior Sweeps MCOA National Specialty

Award of Merit Midwest Mastiff Fanciers Regional Specialty

Best in Grand Sweepstakes Midwest Mastiff Fanciers Regional Specialty

Grand Champion at 9 months old. The youngest Mastiff to date!

Champion at 8 months old!

Best of Breed Beginner Puppy at 2021 MCOA National Specialty

Hitch is our keeper from our breeding of Miranda to Roper

Group 4 Chintimini
Bronze GCH
Award of Merit
Best in Senior Sweeps
Best in Grand Sweeps
Grand Champion
BOB Sammamish
BOW Seattle KC
WD Gig Harbor KC
Group 2 Mt. Ogden KC
Group 4 Yakima KC

Hitch's Pedigree

Hitch's OFAs


  • Group 4 Chintimini KC
  • BOB 3 times Chintimini KC
  • BOB twice Peninsula DFA
  • BOB 3 times Shasta KC
  • BOB 3 times Silver Falls KC
  • BOB twice Linn County KC
  • BOB twice Portland KC
  • BOB San Fernando KC
  • BOB twice DFA of Oregon
  • BOB twice Tualatin KC
  • BOB Seattle KC
  • BOB Puyallup Valley DF
  • BOB Gig Harbor KC


  • BOB KC of Salinas
  • BOB Scottsdale DFA
  • BOS twice Scottsdale DFA
  • BOB Flagstaff KC
  • BOB Superstition KC
  • Breeders Cup Winner
  • 1st 15-18 months MCOA Sweeps
  • 2nd 15-19 months MCOA Futurity
  • AOM MMF Specialty
  • Best in Grand Sweeps MMF Specialty


  • BOB Scottsdale DFA
  • AKC Grand Champion
  • BOB Walla Walla KC
  • BOB Olympic KC
  • BOB Sammamish KC
  • AKC Champion
  • BOW twice Sammamish KC (major)
  • AKC Puppy Of Achievement
  • BOW Seattle KC (major)
  • BOW Gig Harbor KC (major)
  • BOW Puyallup Valley DF (major)
  • WD Gig Harbor KC (major)
  • BOB BPUP MCOA National Specialty
  • BOB BPUP ESMF Specialty
  • Group 2 BPUP Mt. Ogden KC
  • Group 4 BPUP Mt. Ogden KC
  • Group 4 BPUP Yakima KCy


  • Born December 7, 2020