Bella - R3 Mastiffs

Bella - R3 Cinder Bella

August 22, 2006 - November 3, 2018

Bella was our first. She was our sassy redhead. We loved her completely. She taught us the most. She is the example of what not to do, in breeding, in choosing a breeder, and in buying a puppy.

Bella as a puppy

Bella was the product of a back-yard-breeder. She went completely blind by her first birthday, from five different inheritable eye problems. All of which could have been caught with some simple health testing. She had several other ailments as well. Despite her physical difficulties, she was the happiest Mastiff you ever met. Her Mastiff temperament shined brightly.

Her sire was Camahas Gage. Her dame was Camahas Cinnamon Cinder. Her breeder, Kathy Scott, disappeared at the first sign of trouble and we were never able to find here. We often thouht about Bella's littermates and what became of them. Were they all blind?


  • Passed away November 3rd


  • Featured on Dogs 101 on Animal Planet



  • Born August 22nd
  • Joined our family October 7th